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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 2, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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the dow jones fell almost 500. and today, traders will continue to keep their eye on china. and some speculating that explosion in tee ianjin last month could have contributed. a aoy from fresno, california is being evaluated at a mental health facility. ever a he made threats on instagram. and they found high powered weapons. the 15-year-old then added words of his own " . >> investigators found an air
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soft rival resembling an ak47. they say he could face felony charges of making terrorist threats. it is a 32-year-old cold case alleging the superfly now fash charges in the 1983 death of his then girlfriend. thanks to a grand jury investigation, nancy's autopsy says she died of traumatic brain injuries. and according to the reports, he said he hit her during an argument and a that she struck her heads on concrete and ater said she slipped and fell during a bathroom break. he was induct under to the hall of fame in 1986. and sagging in a polls a risky new maneuver.
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and a p attack add. >> hillary clinton, i think is a terrific woman. >> yeah, i know her very well, she's very talented. >> i live in new york and she lives in new york. >> in the midst of the ensuing twitter war, the trump campaign fought back, a sound bite of bush praising the democratic front runner and er ner er ner and then hillary said no need to fight guys, you both agree hillary was a great secretary of state, we get it. and she has problems of her own. the latest em lsdinclude six contain what officials say is now classified information. and still, james carville is stil stickint up for her. >> ewoo go through these things
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all the time. and it turns out to be nothing. >> as clinton take as hit in the polls, carly fiorina is on the rise, so much so, they're adding an 11th spot, opening up a stage for the former packered ceo. > priests can forgi women who had abortions. and what catholics at home are thinking about the issue. nearly half d agree with the doctrine that it's a sin. and nearly half say it is not sinful for a couple to live together without being married and a split on home sexual. d 44% say it's not. and just five points behind those who say it is.
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and obama needs just one more democrat on his side. his announcement came shortly after senator bob announced his support. he needs 34 d iocrats to hold veto power. so, far, only two have come out against the deal. and the issue will come to a vote later this month. a shocking story now out of new jersey, two employees at a day care center arrested for alleged allegedly instugrating brawls like in fight club. they apparently inspired by the movie, staged foikts between ds age 4 to 6.
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they say none of the kids were injured but the women have been fired and face charges that includes child abuse and endangerment. they call it an isolated incident incident. that shouldn'tn appen with 4 and year old said or s or any other kid. and most of the ones that didn't hit high, was in new eng england. 95 yesterday in philadelphia, we're going to be just as hot in a few spots. philly, 93, 94. and it is still very humid through much of the region. and bismark, of all places, 100 degrees in your forecast for thursday. and st. louis, the trifecta of
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95s over the next three days. and man kato, minnesota, thunderstorm said and lightning. minneapolis, a steady, soaking rain. and we could use the rain in ohio valley and into the northeast. and there's not a lot in the forecast. southeast gets rain, northern plains and ohio valley to the northeast, very little of anything as drought conditions persist. now a closer look at your day ahead. today, new york city about 89. and burlington, vermont hitting 94 degrees s degrees. even d ver will hit 90 and our friends in salt lake city, 92. looks like a warm labor day weekend coming up. we don't cool off significnntby until the middle of next week. >> and consume shall reports is out with their picks for the
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. a clash a at a kentucky court house. kim davis stood defiant once again and refused to issue marriage licenses to two people who didn't hold back their anger against her. >> all of this comes the day after the supreme court dismissed her appeal. she stopped issuing all marriage licenses after they legalized gay marriage nation wide in june. and one of the people denied a license by davis spoke out. >> she can believe whatever she wants but it shouldn't effect how sh she does her job and serves the people in her community. >> she's been ordered before a judge on thursday and could face fines or jail time for contempt of court. and they say they're the worse cars of 2014. and they listed the chrysler dead last and they didn't show any love for the lexus, or the kia sudonau either. president obama drove home the impact of climate change yesterday by visiting the glacier and he highlighted that climate change has redosed the size of the glacier. and this dash cam shows an altercation during a traffic stop. and they both ended up wrestling inside the car and the officer uses a taser to subdue that paswas
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this morning on show "today" ," an interview with one of the people responsible for stopping a terror attack on a paris bound train. in sports, a rarity in the first half of the double header between the diamond back sdwhz s and the rockies. and a liner to short stop. and it's over to first for a 6, 4, 3 triple play. first time in franchise history that the d backs hit into a triple play. and score tied when brandon moss takes the 1-0 pitch deep to center. cardinals have now won nine straight over the nats and look to sweep this series later today.
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and l.a. is competing with rome, paris and hungry, if they get the bid, it would be the third time. patriots tight end, gronkowski will be the newest celebrity voice on the app called wave. you'll get turn by turn notification from gronk's voice. and you'll also point out duncan doughnut's locs. and drake is known as a singer, dancer, actor and then showed off his soccer skills. it's all fun and games until you break something with glass in it.
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released by the stud yes. and blake lively's 9 month old daughter now has a diaper bag named after her. yeah. okay. >> that's a lot of diapers. and creator of the iconic hope posters, he used hard to remove glue and it cost an estimated $24,000 for restoration. and bond author anthony faced back lash when he told the day ily mail that he thought he was too street. and remember lady gaga's meat dress from the vma's this is what it looks like for all of
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eternity prezrvd served at the rock and roll hall of fame. >> nearly 70,000 people attended last year's festival and con, nearly 200 of them remember it. and pro, seeing someone walking around with pink hair for a an outfit and con, miley cyrus called that business casual. and driving cross country to attend burning man. >> i'm tod piro and this is "early today." "good morning" with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella gives you so many
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leading the news in ms news now, couple indicted for trying to joinize. ize sis. they're charge would conspiring and attempting to provide support to a foreign terrorist organization. and in the guardian, julian assange show secret escape plan. they reportedly considered smuggling him by disguising him in fancy clothes to evade police stationed outside and other ideas, consealing him in a diplomatic bag. earlier this morning, a three man crew took off and
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scheduled to go to the international space station. and a construction worker in the line of fire, putting steam into the air as a man was still in the hole. they say the man was badly injured and never returned to his job, underably. and a north arcadian neighborhood was surprised by a mother bear and her cubs and mom waits in front of a nearby home. great balls of fire lit up a street in el salvador. what could possibly go wrong? >> nothing. >> it's a celebration of a -- i think you need religion when you start doing that. and few serious injuries have been reported.
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>> too bad you're not the property owners. >> let's just light candles inside this year, let's stop with the flaming rags. now ahead, a pretrial hearing will be held for six officers charged in the death of freddy gray. and they will decide whether charges should be dismissed and whether trials should be moved out of baltimore. freddy gray died a week after his arrest. and happy birthday to actress selma hiic who turns 49, and retired boxer, lennox lewis is the big 50 and star of pointe break turns 51. go out there and make it a spectacular wednesday,
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everybody. breaking news in new jersey. three people killed in a fire overnight. what investigators are telling us. plus, new this morning, a crash involving a police car on long island. several people have been injured. also arrested. when thousands of people will get the chance to get close to pope francis.
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"today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. wednesday morning. it is september 2nd. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. storm team 4's chris cimino here with the forecast. chris, is started out cooler where i live up north. by the time i got down here -- >> city island holding the heat. temperatures in the mid-07s this morning, similar to yesterday morning. you pointed out the suburbs, yeah, they're a little bit cooler. 67 in white plains. 59 in morristown. 60 in sussex. a little more comfortable here while still muggy. notice the city. the five boroughs hold on to the heat. it's another day of heat and humidity. starting out in the 60s and 70s. temps near 90. could get relief for the coast. temperatures back into the 80s. let's get the first check on the commute, say good morning to lauren. >> good morning. >> good morning for the roads. delays in both directions on 29 and the j line because of switching problems.
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overnight track work on the 4, 6, a, f and g. you can expect delays and service changes on the 4s. >> 4:31 right now. there's breaking news in new jersey this morning. three people died in a fire on jolene avenue in long branch. "today in new york's" tracie strahan just arrived on the scene moments ago. what's the latest, tracie? >> reporter: darlene, we have learned that one person is in critical condition after that fire where sheriff's department as well as fire crews and police officers are still on the scene here on jolene avenue. that home was home to a mother, father and their two children. let's show you the scene overnight. this fire happening after midnight here on jolene avenue in long branch. sources tell news 4 that police officers were actually first on the scene. but the flames made attempts to rescue those inside very difficult. again, sources are telling news 4 that three people were killed in the late night fire. crews had major difficulty
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getting to all areas of the fire. >> up to the second floor where they thought there was some people. couldn't get up there until the fire crews were on scene. they put the fire out. >> reporter: again, one person from that late night fire on jolene avenue is in critical condition at this hour. that person is being treated at a local hospital. now, the fire, of course, under control at this hour, darlene. overhaul operations are under way according to the monmouth county sheriff's department. now they're investigating what happened here. >> tracie strahan, thank you. new on long island, police arrest aid driver in a multivehicle crash that left two officers and two others injured. the man slammed into an unoccupied police vehicle in hauppauge. the police car struck the


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